Start strumming that guitar and they will come running. The guitar is one of those instruments that will just never be out of style, and will always be there to impress your less musically-gifted compatriots. So let's see that Paco de LucĂ­a impression and laugh a bit, can't hurt...much.

It'sa Me! Guitario!

guitar mario - 6816141312
By Unknown

Strung Out

comic guitar rage comic strings - 5935507968
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Street Guitar!

guitar - 6761938688
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Mumford and Sons Just Won Album of the Year, So Here's the Obligatory Angry String Instrument GIF

gifs guitar Grammys - 7053871104
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Funny memes about music | IF TAKE BUDDY WHO DOESN'T LISTEN METAL SABATON CONCERT: big bird walking with stromtroopers and Darth Vader | Teacher can't hear images : sunrise from The Lion King

Fifteen Noteworthy Music Memes And Pics

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Rock Comes From the Crotch

bathroom guitar urinal - 6061072640
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guitar paint Video - 40833281

How to Make Your Guitar Look Pretty and Stuff

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Shred the Pounds Off

guitar bro riff do you even lift? - 6769997312
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Burning Man

fire guitar wtf - 6417581312
By randle12

Zakk Wylde Shows How the Guitar is Supposed to Be Played

guitar zakk wylde - 6631601152
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