Start strumming that guitar and they will come running. The guitar is one of those instruments that will just never be out of style, and will always be there to impress your less musically-gifted compatriots. So let's see that Paco de LucĂ­a impression and laugh a bit, can't hurt...much.

The Day Grandma Sold Her Soul to Rock and Roll

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If You Can't Play Stairway, You Can't Play

guitar led zeppelin stairway to heaven - 6528579072
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Learn the Guitar, They Said; It'll Be Easy, They Said

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You Know Those Guitars That are Like... Double Guitars?

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Don't All Rush the Stage at Once

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Advertisement King

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So THAT's Why Divine Intervention Sounds That Way

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Burning Man

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Every Band Needs a Flamethrower Guitar and a Smoking Bass

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Made With Catgut

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The One Mistake You'll Never Escape

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Someone Finally Told Her About Music That Isn't Synthesized

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Shoplifting FAIL

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Funny memes about metal music | Ds Stac Dorit Women's hairstyling channels KNBLE Metalhead guys looking tips taking care their long hair | Amazing. Due lack pollution covid-19 lockdowns, wild Black Metal bands have returned Scandinavia's forests first time since 90s. Beautiful.

Sixteen Metal Memes For Brutal Satan-Worshippers

F*ckin' brutal
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And My Axe...

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