g rated

Silver Screen Biebs

Music FAILS g rated - 6924933632
Created by FlashGordon

This is How You Smartly Crowd Surf

crowd surfing win Music g rated - 7667800832
Created by Unknown


adele animorphs g rated laptop Music FAILS pun rolling in the deep - 6431420672
Created by Unknown

You Gotta Pay to Play

queen journey bohemian rhapsody karaoke Music FAILS g rated - 7340715776
Created by Unknown
skrillex dubstep goats music videos Music FAILS g rated - 48105729

Stevie Nicks is Doing Dubstep Now!

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Last Resort

pizza Music FAILS g rated - 7004131840
Via The Clearly Dope

Hello [Insert City Here]!

hello musicians Music g rated - 7742324992
Created by Unknown

Elijah Wood, DJ?

dj Music g rated - 7651408640
Via Amoeba Music

Now It'll Be Stuck in My Head All Day

Music daft punk graphs funny g rated - 4477514752
Created by dunc237
a cappella dubstep g rated Music FAILS skrillex Video YT video - 39108097

So That's What A Capella Dubstep Sounds Like

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Fast Food Stomp

violin fast food Music g rated - 7832627200
Created by Unknown

You Mean You Don't Want to See 1D?

Music shirt old people poorly dressed g rated - 7822765056
Created by Unknown

Like a Bridge Over Styx

black metal heavy metal Music FAILS g rated - 7070145536
Created by Meqad ( Via BargainBinBlasphemy )

Request DENIED

call me maybe dj g rated Music FAILS - 6336644608
Created by Unknown
club g rated hip hop Music FAILS star wars Video video games YT video - 36259585

Dancing in the Club at Cloud City

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Yeah, That Sounds About Right

Music violins sheet music funny g rated - 7628278016
Via S*** Non-Musicians Say