g rated

Like a Bridge Over Styx

black metal heavy metal Music FAILS g rated - 7070145536
Created by Meqad ( Via BargainBinBlasphemy )

Quiet at Last

Music funny there I fixed it g rated - 7473108736
Created by jobeast ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Your Average Radio Station

radio scumbag top 40 Music g rated - 7869189632
Created by Unknown
cover christmas Music g rated - 56875777

Elvis Turned Into A French Canadian Kid

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Music science funny Video g rated - 51044865

Buzz Aldrin and Thomas Dolby Perform "She Blinded Me With Science"

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Metal World Problems

headbang glasses funny Music g rated - 7320606976
Created by Msjhboy

This is Why You Need Roadies

Ermahgerd bands Music FAILS g rated - 7116362752
Created by Unknown

The Most Complex Time Signature

Music tardis doctor who g rated - 7792746496
Via J-Wells
Cookie Monster parody Music g rated - 53265921

Since When Does Cookie Monster Practice Abstinence?

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videos Music FAILS g rated - 47478273

Drummers Communicate Differently Than You and I

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Saggy Pop

g rated iggy pop Music FAILS Sad - 6423621120
Created by Unknown
bluegrass Music metallica g rated funny Video - 54601473

Enter Sandman: Bluegrass Edition

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metal hard rock Music g rated - 57329921

Yakety Sax Meets Metal

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skrillex dubstep bass police Music FAILS g rated - 6924960768
Created by savannamia

The Worst Album of All Time

g rated Music FAILS - 6449694976
Created by Unknown

Spice ... Boys?

spice girls Music g rated - 7763514880
Created by Unknown