The Early Encore

FAIL show - 7746495488
By thurgood (Via Highgreen Dawn)
FAIL windows Stage Video - 78063105

That's a Painful Way to Crash Some Cymbals

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Big Shoes to Fill

FAIL kanye west failbook - 7942107648
By Angel

Guitar Strap FAIL

FAIL gifs - 6117716224
By Unknown

Oh, Grandma...

Music ipod FAIL grandma funny - 7564209664
By Unknown

An Error? Well, We Are Human After All

Music FAIL daft punk funny g rated - 7497516544
By GoodYegg

I've Got Some Bad News For You

Music FAIL michael jackson tupac - 7544748544
By 420YOLOswag6969
bad FAIL final countdown g rated Music FAILS Video YT video - 38189569

Quite Possibly the Worst Cover of Final Countdown Ever

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dj FAIL - 55480577

A True DJ Doesn't Need Power

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What Was it With '90s Music Videos and This Camera Angle?

gif Music FAIL nostalgia nsync music video funny - 7507300864
Via Buzzfeed
Entitled streamer wants free music for exposure | My rate is 50$ per minute completed music. Is alright? Here is my full commission info if want take look. 3:12 PM 50$ is too much. Im going be big streamer so should get an exposure discount since thousands will hear music. 3:16 PM Can have link twitch (or whatever site dont really work free anymore, sorry. My rates are already pretty low considering time investment, but maybe can work out some small discount if

Entitled Streamer Demands Music for Exposure, Gets Nothing

Great business strategy, dude.
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Hey There, Sayler!

FAIL cars slayer heavy metal - 7367906048
By Unknown
Music FAIL beyoncé Video - 50738945

Rule #1 of Beyonce Concerts: Do Not Slap Beyonce on the Rear

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...Now What Do I Do?

Music FAIL funny orchestra - 7628270336
Via Handel With Care
Music FAIL Video kesha - 50652673

A Ke$ha Reality Show....Better Drink My Own Piss.

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FAIL vine miley cyrus wrecking ball - 54655233

Wait, Which One is Miley?

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