Excuse Me, Kanye, But...

Music FAIL kanye west funny - 7579317760
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Howard Stern tries to explain David Grohl the song that he wrote

Howard Stern Tries To Educate Dave Grohl On His Own Song

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The Soundtrack of a Nation?

Music twitter FAIL usher funny - 7634805760
By Unknown

What Was it With '90s Music Videos and This Camera Angle?

gif Music FAIL nostalgia nsync music video funny - 7507300864
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Things You Shouldn't Do at a Concert

Music FAIL concert etiquette funny g rated - 7553103872
By Ajay Ramtohul

This Could Not Have Ended Well

jazz FAIL - 7763543040
By Unknown

The Times...

Music john lennon FAIL imagine bruno mars funny - 7500401408
By Unknown

That's Great, But Seems Kind of Irrelevant Here

born this way Music twitter FAIL lady gaga funny - 7513847808
By Unknown
FAIL windows Stage Video - 78063105

That's a Painful Way to Crash Some Cymbals

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Guitar Amp FAIL

amp equipment FAIL g rated guitar Music FAILS sound - 5992110592
By Computergeek1000

Where Are the Cables?

FAIL problem Music g rated - 7726046720
By Unknown

Youtube Categorization Fail

Music FAIL coldplay youtube rihanna funny - 7507958784
By mrsattila

...Now What Do I Do?

Music FAIL funny orchestra - 7628270336
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When Not To Attempt Cups

cups FAIL anna kendrick Music g rated - 7763475200
By Unknown

Is That Hair or a Chocolate Milk Mustache?

justin beiber mustache FAIL - 7795576064
By Unknown

Drop the Face

gifs FAIL - 6871597824
By Unknown
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