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A Very Impressive Ice Skating Car

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Good Idea at the Time FAIL

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Funny Fat Friend FAIL

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Stoplights Are Weak to Ice-Based Attacks!

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Via CodyWilson7

Does This Count As Parallel Parking?

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Via 50Hs
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This Perfectly Sums Up How Mondays Feel

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Someone Has a Little Snow Jealousy!

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Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via Raw Story )
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Rail Slide FAIL

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These Joggers Think This is "Perfect Jogging Weather," but the Tape Doesn't Lie

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The Little Sedan That Could(n't)

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The People vs. Winter

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Winter's Back, Which Means It's Time to Hang Out With Our Ol' Buddy 'Falling for 9 Seconds While Trying to Shovel Snow'

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Dozens of Kids, One Patch of Ice, and Minutes of Delicious FAILs

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Watch As a Drone Nearly Misses Hitting a Skier on a Slalom Course on TV

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That's One Way to Get Some Pow

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Created by tamaleknight
FAIL winter skiing Video - 81054209

A Pretty Accurate Description of How Summer School is Going

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