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Winter is Literally Trying to Kill Us

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Huge Air FAIL

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We've All Been There: You Can't Help But Laugh at This Poor Driveway Shoveler

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Becoming Part of The Action FAIL

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It's a... Dry Cold?

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This is Definitely the Wrong Way to Clear Ice From Your Windows in the Winter

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Tyler Moved From Georgia to Chicago Just in Time for the Polar Vortex. This is His Hilarious Attempt to Get to Work.

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Subzero Temperatures and a Hot Tub? Recipe for a Cool Frost-stache

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Winter Wonder-NOPE

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Watching Your Landing FAIL

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Snowed In FAIL

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Mistakes Were Made, Yes

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There's the Reason We Haven't Found it!

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A Pretty Accurate Description of How Summer School is Going

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These Joggers Think This is "Perfect Jogging Weather," but the Tape Doesn't Lie

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Visibility, Smisibility I Always Say

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