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A crazy boss tries to overwork an employee, doesn't compensate them, and ends up regretting it | r/MaliciousCompliance u/WatanabeSama 1d Join Crazy boss tries make work more than anyone, but doesn't want pay accordingly L First, some info and backstory: Minimum wage Brazil R$954,00/month 180,00/month nowadays Back May 2017 started working companny as 2D designer Intern. 2 months later started working hourly, but with some benefits started making R$ 1500,00/month 280,00/month).

Crazy Boss Tries To Overwork Employee, Doesn't Pay Accordingly, Regrets It

Crazy boss shouldn't have played that game.
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FAIL customers Starbucks florida win politics - 79316737

If You're the Governor of Florida, You Should Probably Have Someone Else Get Your Coffee For You

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FAIL technology drones Video win - 83233025

Is It Possible to Change a Lightbulb with a Drone? Sure, But Only if You're Willing to Lose a Few Lightbulbs

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fishing FAIL Video win - 73129473

Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing Sounds Fun, Until You've Got a 7ft. Grouper on the Line

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FAIL funny win there I fixed it - 78073857

Strapping a Pulse Jet to a Drift Trike is Equal Parts Dangerous and Fun

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A terrible boss ends up losing their profits after selling company | r/ProRevenge u/eliechallita 3y Join Cost horrible boss all profits selling his company met an amazing mentor while doing my masters US who hired work company where he COO after graduated an immigrant US, so my visa is conditioned upon being employed: get red, and would quickly get deported back Middle East CEO company planning on selling company much larger British firm, so he wanted maximize revenue short term so he could get

Horrible Boss Loses Profits From Selling Company

Terrible boss learned their lesson the hard way.
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If You Accidentally Steal Someone's Car, This is Probably the Nicest Note You Could Return it With

funny fail facebook image woman finds car stolen by accident with nice return note
Via Erin Hatzi

Always Go For the Weak Spot

A smug roommate refuses to pay their rent, so they get defeated in court | r/ProRevenge u/Drumhedd 173d Join 1 won't pay rent? Good luck finding new apartment. So this happened about 10 years ago big city on West Coast Hopefully this counts as pro revenge had just finished grad school and looking way cut down on rent an already expensive rental market. Now, mind young, desperate, and inexperienced with roommates at time and this huge life lesson and hopefully my roommate too.

Roommate Refuses To Pay Rent, Gets Schooled In Court

That's the end of the smug smirks.
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news FAIL Video robbery win - 309511

Don't Bring Just One Knife to Rob a Restaurant, Or They'll Out Knife You

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Gordon Ramsay enjoys his food for a change

Gordon Ramsay Eats The Perfect Sausage Roll

Looks absolutely delicious.
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funny Video win - 84797953

These Celebrities Impersonate Each Other on the Graham Norton Show With Consistently Hilarious, Occasional Accuracy

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Some sleazy brokers run their firm like a candy store, so the IT guy they fire takes revenge | r/ProRevenge Join u/Floridatrashburner Lie, Cheat, Layoff and Gamble with our wages, enjoy no department. Lurker finally coming out share. Years back worked as Director small brokerage firm. These types places try run lean so also ONLY personnel took job, but bit under-qualified if am being truthful reason they gave because young, and they thought they could underpay They were right 10k more than

IT Guy Takes Revenge On Sleazy Brokers

Don't mess with the IT guy.
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hoverboard FAIL parody Video win - 77414657

This is Pretty Much Exactly What Would Happen If Marty McFly Had a 'Hoverboard'

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golf trick shot amazing Video win - 84728065

Living Legend Pulls off Absolutely Insane Golf Shot That Goes Down Stairs and Across 9 Pool Tables

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A couple lives with terrible roommates, get fed up, move out with everything | r/pettyrevenge u/ElectroBonuzz not gonna pay comfort This happened last month. By some universe coincidences and my girlfriend ended up living with another couple rented house split costs big house so each couple would have their own bathroom, bedroom and shared common places like kitchen and living room house originally rented by co-worker who by time this story no longer house anymore, but all furniture his

Couple Gets Fed Up With Roommates, Move Out With Everything

Sounds well deserved.
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