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This Short Video's Casual Twist Ending Will Have You Watching it Again

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bad dog haircut

This Dog's Unfortunate Haircut Had Her Owner in Tears

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cat memes of dumb kittehs

28 Dumb Cat Memes For The Crazy Cat People

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Twitter thread on danger of tech in gig economies | Frisco Uplink @_danilo After premiere Picard name checked Bruce Maddox, decided head back and watch Measure Man, TNG S2E09. And turns out Maddox is bit tech bro. Startling well this holds up three decades later. This kind guy is still problem. | Frisco Uplink @_danilo As refresher Measure Man TNG at its hammiest, most thought provoking best courtroom drama where fate Data hinges on question whether he is sentient being deserving call basic

Twitter Thread: Star Trek and the Inhumanity of Gig Economies

Imagine having a robot boss.
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twitter FAIL list food - 1003269

People Are Losing Their Sh*t Over Jimmy John's Twitter Calling Someone Out For Eating Ass

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bernie sander sign meme

Bernie Sanders Brought a Big Sign to the Senate and a New Meme to Twitter

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So What if the Emergency on an Airplane is Caused by the Emergency Evacuation Devices?

airplane whoops twitter - 8240558336
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jeans twitter FAIL list internet funny - 810757

The Internet Is Obsessed with These Extremely Long Jeans Accidentally Being Shipped to People

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Scorned Women on Twitter Show Their Mean Side With the Vengeful #WasteHisTime2016

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memes about music and musically relatable things

30+ Perfect And Reference-Filled Music Memes

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Funny tweets about marriage, being married, relatable marriage tweets.

25 Marriage Tweets That Are So Accurate It Hurts

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When You Come Back From the Dead Just to Finish Your Comedy Tour

image twitter mistake When You Come Back From the Dead Just to Finish Your Comedy Tour
Via @BillBailey

100 Babies

Babies twitter FAIL - 8801198592
Via meanplastic
Funny memes about Instagram | Women on Instagram be like got new shoes The Simpsons | Cmon Vanessa, DIG DEEP wanna work 9-5 job or post pics ass on Instagram imematie ini gym fitness trainer

17 Trollish Instagram Memes That Make Fun Of All The BS

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Funny roasts of people guessing where they work, based on what they look like | Looks like getting thick and tired his broken promithes promithes Dill Pickles does look like do living? kaiyghtlyhnne does look like do living Pls be honest this hair an accident and 's giving off very specific vibes Sell merch Waterparks

Roasts Of People For Where They Look Like They Work (14 Roasts)

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twitter - 595461

Live Tweeting of the Day: Patton Oswalt Gave a Better Performance than any Candidate at the GOP Debate

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