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Funny Christian hip-hop video, cringe videos, christianity, evangelists, televangelists | Y'all... Come look at this | This dude said f a moonwalk lemme hit the disciple slide!

Vintage Christian Hip-Hop Performance Brings The Cringe

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Funny tweets about LaCroix sparkling water | Mike Ingram @mikeingram00 guess question have people who love LaCroix is have tried any other beverages 13 Feb Mike Ingram @mikeingram00 LaCroix tastes like made by society which flavor is scarcest natural resource 2:03 PM Feb 14, 2018 8 8 See Mike Ingram's other Tweets

A Humorously Mild Taste of LaCroix Tweets

It's less about flavor and more about essence.
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People on Twitter freak out at Donald Trump after he tweets out about the wrong mass shooting.

Donald Trump Tweets About Wrong Mass Shooting, Gets Demolished By Twitter

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twitter 2016 FAIL list - 707077

One Man is Pointing Out Brands That Prematurely Scheduled Their New Year's Tweets

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Do As Trump Says, Not As Trump Does

funny fail image Donal Trump tweets Apple boycott from iphone
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Verified Goodbye

verified goodbye to prince from Michael Jackson
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Canada twitter sports FAIL Video - 479236

Everyone That Visits Tries to Saskatchewan Before They Leave

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Disney Won't Admit They've Made Any Mistakes with Star Wars, Even Misspelling Mark Hamill's Name

funny fail image Disney misspells Star Wars' Mark Hamill's name on pass
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Twitter Interactions Between Celebrities Don't Get Much More Gloriously Phallic Than This

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memes about the country music scene and the typica shortcomings of the genre

13 Country Memes For Anyone Who's A Redneck At Heart

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Whoa, She Has All 80 HDs!

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twitter engrish - 38148

Here Come the Metric Grammys

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A collection of tweets about people's real life plot twists.

People's Real Life Plot Twists

Life loves keep us on our toes.
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Some Burns Are Self-Administered

funny social media fail Some Burns Are Self-Administered
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twitter star wars FAIL list Memes funny - 1249029

Vox Chose the Worst Title for a Star Wars Review Possible and Now Everyone Else Is Parodying Them With #VoxtheMovies

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millennials donald trump

Donald Trump's Children Posted a Headshot Ad Targetd to Millennials But The Only Thing People Saw Was How Creepy They Looked

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