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Extreme Overcompensation FAIL

cars truck wtf - 5666211072
Created by DiscoHarvey

Making it Easy for the Cops FAIL

Probably bad News news meth arrest truck - 6675887360
Via Your Midtown

FAIL Truck Makes A Dropoff

cars crash headstand highway truck - 5472349952
Created by Unknown
bridge collapse truck Video - 37467649

Shortcut FAIL

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Nope, Not Going to be a Good Day

bricks whoops bad day truck - 8320345088
Via themanimal

That's One Way to Decide You Don't Need to Take it to the Lumbar Yard

Via alaingx
FAIL tow truck driving truck Video - 79494913

Trying to Drive Your Car Off a Tow Truck is as Stupid of an Idea as it Sounds

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Stay Classy, Montana FAIL

cars classy confusing double entendre inappropriate rocks sticker truck - 5435002368
Created by johnclayton

That Tailgate is Only Available on the Special Edition

Land vehicle - Magnolia Tacoma ToraTA SR5
Via Acid Cow

Coca Cola Delivery FAIL

coca cola engrish funny only in russia russia soda truck - 6592177664
Created by Unknown

A Dodge Commercial Shoot Goes Very Wrong

commercial cars truck funny - 7415508480
Via Reddit

That Riff Means We're Signaling Left

driving dangerous truck - 8203962624
Created by beernbiccies

Hot Payload FAIL

delivery driving fire truck - 6530395648
Created by Unknown

Your Truck Has Been Sacrificed to the Snow Gods

snow truck winter fail nation g rated - 8017510400
Created by Unknown

(Insert Yo Momma Joke of Choice)

cars truck - 6936631296
Via I Heart Chaos
camel truck dangerous Video - 60653057

Meanwhile, in Qatar...

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