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trash work garbage truck Video - 72702721

That Last Trash Bin Didn't Deserve What Happened To It

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crash skateboard truck Video - 38540545

Skateboarding Into Oncoming Traffic FAIL

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guns FAIL facepalm truck classic Video shooting - 74309121

Ladies and Gentlemen, the New Owner of the Tiniest Sunroof

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That Riff Means We're Signaling Left

driving dangerous truck - 8203962624
Created by beernbiccies

Poor and Naked FAIL

driver highway truck - 6152968192
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Better Than Rolling The Windows Down FAIL

cars truck windows - 5439310336
Created by Unknown
bad idea truck whee Video - 70134017

Bro, Just Jump Your Truck! What Could go Wrong?

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Heavy Load?

snow cars truck winter - 8382558976
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Stay Classy, Montana FAIL

cars classy confusing double entendre inappropriate rocks sticker truck - 5435002368
Created by johnclayton

Douche-Mobile FAIL

decal douche logo truck - 6564400384
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news truck Probably bad News Video fail nation - 67810817

Hey Bud, You've Got a Little Something Stuck Under Your Car

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That's One Way to Decide You Don't Need to Take it to the Lumbar Yard

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It Takes a Little More Work Than That to be a Monster Truck

cars whoops truck g rated fail nation - 8142598400
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cars Video truck - 62577409

In Case of Emergency, Your Truck Can be Used as a Flotation Device

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This Guy Chose the Wrong Corner

stuck cars truck genius - 7102416640
Created by Unknown
beer driving florida Party truck food crash - 487684

It's a Highway Happy Hour

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