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Don't forget to take out the trash. Since you wrecked the place and trashed everything, it's time to stock up and pun yourself back into rhythm. These hilarious trash puns will have you recycling in no time, so make sure not to miss a single one.

trash work garbage truck Video - 72702721

That Last Trash Bin Didn't Deserve What Happened To It

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Car and Diet FAIL

car McDonald's trash - 6396791296
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Cleaning Out Your Car FAIL

trash - 6192252160
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Rio Recycling is a Thin Carboard Lie

funny fail image rio olympics trash and recycle bins the same
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Engrish Funny: Give Everything You Have

engrish engrish funny garbage sign trash - 6602884608
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Following Instructions FAIL

trash garbage directions restaurant - 6650042880
Created by mikewheels

Car Disposal FAIL

trash cars - 7083637760
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trash whoops stuck Video - 70890497

The Germans Can Now Add "Getting Stuck in Garbage Bins" to Their Proud Cultural Legacy

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The Walk Was Just Too Much to Handle

trash lazy movie theater - 7258337792
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trash - 6213837056
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When You're Trying to Finish Something But You Just Can't

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Now it's Just a Remixed Art Project

trash art whoops - 8076289280
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Time to Clean FAIL

car dirty fast food oh god why trash - 6564068352
Created by Unknown

Instructions FAIL

instructions sign trash - 6094875648
Created by HeatherTheMamaDuk

Trash Bin FAIL

garbage gross Subway trash - 6593006592
Created by Unknown

Don't Worry, I Got This!

trash bad idea garbage - 8415564800
Created by beernbiccies
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