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Nightmare Fuel of the Day: Woman Finds Erection-Causing Spiders in Bag of Bananas

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Tasty Drink FAIL

best of week drinking Hall of Fame Kill It With Fire no thanks nope spider straw - 6578780416
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Go Ahead, Give it a Pull

spider Kill It With Fire fire alarm oh god why fail nation g rated - 8426962432
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I Didn't Need to Wipe Anyway

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Spider Attack! FAIL

note spider trapped - 6434869760
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Damn Sneaky Spiders FAIL

attack catch gifs Hall of Fame helmet sneaky spider - 5472256000
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spider cars Kill It With Fire Video - 69990913

Nope of the Day: Giant Spider Hides in Car Door Handle

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"I Wasn't Prepared for This" FAIL

military spider - 6472603648
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This Lamp Will Make You do a Double Take

lamp spider Kill It With Fire - 7102420224
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