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Soccer. Not to be mistaken with football or any other random ball sports. A gentleman's sport full of goals dips dives cries and whistles. If you dream to bend it like Beckham, then get a laugh at these hilarious soccer jokes and puns.

Don't Want to Send the Wrong Message or Anything

russia twitter FAIL soccer - 8805707776
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Going for the Goal FAIL

ouch right in the crotch soccer sports toasty! toasty! - 6527842816
By Unknown
caught fired embarrassing Video sports soccer on the job - 75638529

If You're a Paid Sports Announcer, You Probably Shouldn't Do What This Guy Did on Air

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Stadiums of the World FAILs

classic design fail nation g rated Hall of Fame soccer sports wtf - 5656782336
By anselmbe

Was it Really Worth It?

ouch sports right in the crotch soccer - 8289270272
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Automatic Censorship FAIL

censorship fail nation soccer sports - 5580226304
By vartimas
headshot ouch soccer sports Video - 36175617

Ginger Balls FAIL

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Whoops, Time to Water the Fans

gifs sports soccer hose - 6943649280
By Unknown

Celebrating That Header with a Header

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FAIL soccer Video - 73821953

Soccer Player Throws Himself off a Stretcher to Waste More Time

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what Video sports soccer - 64692481

Soccer Fans and an Army of Waldos Face Off in This Week's Most Ridiculous Drunken Brawl

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soccer Video failbook - 48393217

Needless to Say, It Wasn't a Good Day for a Game

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The Goal is All for Yourself!

sports gifs soccer g rated fail nation - 8040871936
By Unknown
sportsmanship referee sports Italy FAIL soccer slap Video - 80192513

Watch an Angry Italian Keeper Give Sportsmanship the Finger by Slapping The Sh*t Out Of A Referee

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Celebrate that Goal With a Faceplant

ouch sports soccer funny - 7624688640
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Giving One to The Fans FAIL

animated football gifs soccer sports - 6530397184
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