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This Loud, Obnoxious Jerk at a Kid's Concert is Premium 'Merica

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First Step as a Graduate FAIL

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By Unknown
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Take Notes Kids, This Teacher is a Prime Example of Being Shot Down After Hitting On Another Teacher

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What is This, a Classroom for APES?

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By Jimbo Jones
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There is No Snapchat Filter That Could Make Your Teacher Flashing Your Class Better

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Well She Can't Celebrate at 4:20, The Kids Will Be Out Already

funny parenting tweet mom gets busted for smoking back to school blunt in car
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Mother Nature Does Not Appreciate the Irony

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These Teachers Were Caught on Video Playing ‘F*ck, Marry, Kill’ About Students, And Parents Are Livid

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There Are Kinds of FAIL in This World...

There Are Kinds of FAIL in This World...
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Teacher Appreciation FAIL

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Skip the Metaphor, Sometimes Life Hits You in the Face As Soon As You Graduate

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College Papers are Tough, Writing Them Drunk is Even Tougher

funny school fail image girl tried to write paper drunk
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Watch as a Crossover Ends This Friendly Student-Faculty Basketball Game and One Teacher's Knee

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Eat It Quietly In The Bathroom FAIL

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This Girl Gets Called Out After Trying to Pass Lyrics Off as Her Own During a Freestyle

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Headline FAIL

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By Unknown