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Reading Success FAIL

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funny fail idaho teacher shoots himself in the foot first week
school FAIL sleeping Video - 80428545

This University Lecture Gets a Surprise Interruption By a Snoozing Student

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Homework Can Be a Word of Art

Homework Can Be a Word of Art
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Censorship of the Day: A Utah High School is in Hot Water After its Female Students Were Made More "Modest" Through the Magic of Photoshop

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Never Again FAIL

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Textbook Logic

school spanish textbook - 7970424832
By Unknown
Girl asks her classmate for notes, gets rejected, and then has total meltdown | exam 3 notes sorry? W are gonna send notes exam three Hey, sorry don't really have notes this unit learned most this stuff already my other bio classes get already know but why does mean don't get notes W doesn't seem very fair

Choosing Beggar Asks For Classmate's Notes, Gets Rejected, Has Meltdown

No, no, and more no.
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Teacher Appreciation FAIL

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Well She Can't Celebrate at 4:20, The Kids Will Be Out Already

funny parenting tweet mom gets busted for smoking back to school blunt in car
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ouch school graduation whoops - 71086081

This Poor Girl Trips and Eats it Hard While Getting Her Diploma. Welcome to Adult Life!

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Protest of the Day: Students in Chicago are Boycotting Their Terrible School Lunches

school lunch boycott Students in Chicago are Boycotting Their Terrible School Lunches
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