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right in the face

Nice Try, William Tell

gifs kick ouch right in the face - 7017713920
By Unknown

Confirmed: That's a Durable Board

ouch skateboarding gifs right in the face - 8185657856
Via MarkovManiac

Backflip Off These Rings? Sure...

backflip faceplant FAIL snow right in the face - 8769512704
By Unknown

You're Gonna Miss That Cup When It's Gone

ouch gif FAIL right in the face - 8507121920
By tamaleknight
ouch cars right in the face skiing funny Video - 54051585

Has Truck Skiing EVER Gone Well?

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From Downtown!

Via s8l
ouch FAIL right in the face trick Video - 299271

Just When You Thought You Were Going to Be Cool...

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ouch nfl vine san francisco football right in the face - 75275521

Colin Kaepernick Tried to Throw the Ball Away, and Instead Drilled Someone in the Face

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Not the Kind of Bump We Were Looking for

ouch sports volleyball right in the face fail nation g rated - 8336336640
Via Bits and Pieces
ouch dodgeball compilation right in the face Video - 46327041

Dodgeball FAILs

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Not a Big Fan of Thinking Things Through, Huh?

Via Surihn

Gotta Watch Out on that Box Jump, Bro

funny fail gif crossfit box jump

Somebody Give That Ball a Penalty

ouch sports gifs rugby right in the face - 8408760064
Via Rugby Dump
FAIL gas station right in the face classic faceplant Video - 79668737

Glass Doors Are Just as Tricky For Birds as They Are For You When You're Drunk

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ouch right in the face Video - 58963969

Dude, You Shouldn't Run Down That Hill...

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ouch kick right in the face Video - 44976385

High Kick FAIL

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