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Apology of the Day: Comcast Sorry for Changing Subscriber’s Name to A-Hole

customer service comcast prank - 8438095360
Via Elliott

The Look of the Devil Himself

gifs fire prank - 8252496128
Via GameofF**kingThrones

The Disappointment in this GIF is Palpable

sports trick shot prank basketball funny - 7878129152
Created by Unknown
jimmy kimmel prank Video - 69560321

These SXSW Music Fans Fall for the Hipster Fake Band Trap

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apocalypse prank Video - 45979649

Apocalyptic Pranking

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Pushing or Pulling FAIL

door sign push prank Hall of Fame best of week fail nation g rated - 6813815552
Created by Unknown
people share their april fools pranks

16 People Share Their Best Long Con April Fool's Day Prank Ideas You Can Start Today

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prank mentos funny Video - 51776769

The Mentos Experiment Backfires

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Supporting Your Lifestyle Choice FAIL

best of week diabeetus diet food Hall of Fame prank - 6594259200
Created by Unknown

Guy Tries to Prank Girlfriend and Things Go Absolutely Terribly

Via boss01

Please Do Not Disturb the Street Performers

gifs ouch slap prank - 8196289536
Via CoolAsACucumber

You Totally Brought That One on Yourself

gifs Balloons prank - 8209368832
Via CharlieN_
kids prank sunscreen - 74462465

Learn the Art of a Classic Prank From This Master Troll

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Welp, You Blew That Prank

Via GamersSensei

Wake Up Call FAIL

gifs prank couch pool yikes FAIL - 6556313856
Created by jyonasan1957

This Just In: He Needs New Underwear

On-Air Blooper sports gifs prank - 8350134016
Via poppzE
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