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Please Do Not Disturb the Street Performers

gifs ouch slap prank - 8196289536
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The Disappointment in this GIF is Palpable

sports trick shot prank basketball funny - 7878129152
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facepalm funny Video prank - 56077057

These Dumb Teens Get an Earful With Their Own Superglue Prank

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You Totally Brought That One on Yourself

gifs Balloons prank - 8209368832
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His Sentence Was Atomic, to Say the Least

wedgie arrest prank - 6978641152
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This is Going to be a Fun Wake Up Call

prank funny - 7602031872
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prank Video - 80241153

Best Prank Fail Ever Recorded

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On-Air Blooper news prank - 69310465

Surprise of the Day: Real Hamburglar Pays a Visit to Viral Hamburglar News Anchor

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what prank Probably bad News police fail nation - 68122113

Raw Footage of a Woman Throwing Bacon at Cops to "Feed the Pigs." Because "God Told her to."

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parenting prank Video burn - 71597825

Things Get a Little too Real When This Prank Goes Wrong

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Get Off My Lawn!

gifs news On-Air Blooper prank - 8237994496
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This Just In: He Needs New Underwear

On-Air Blooper sports gifs prank - 8350134016
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ferrari prank Video - 49462273

Is This Ferrari Prank Taking it Too Far?

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Extra-Safe FAIL

bike lock prank theft - 6593006336
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FAIL prank Video - 75974401

Prankster Fails at Getting Kisses, Proves Trolling Ain't Easy

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FAIL water parenting prank Video - 78810625

Even Your First Pranks Need to Account For Celebrationing

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