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ouch wrestling Video fail nation - 67872513

Wrestler Jeff Hardy Takes a Very Not-Fake Fall During a Cage Match

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Passing Out in the Sun FAIL

burn ouch sunscreen wtf - 6039476224
Created by Vitriolic

Another Fantastic Athlete Loses Their Ability to Procreate

gifs right in the crotch ouch pole vault sports fail nation g rated - 8327472128
Via hardrockcafe1

That Kid's Name? Karma.

Via AkioUK
ouch On-Air Blooper sports baseball Video - 71030529

An MLB Analyst Slams His Co-Host With a Direct Home Run Hit. Walk it Off?

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Meet FAILem-O

falling gifs kids ouch - 5594074112
Created by atomicvibestudio
headshot my first fail ouch Video - 33567489

Classroom Slip n Slide FAIL

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Impressing Yourself FAIL

dancing fail nation falling gifs g rated Hall of Fame ouch - 5954606848
Created by Unknown

The Place No One Would Expect!

ouch smuggling lady bits drugs Probably bad News - 6996996864
Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via The Smoking Gun )
ouch dodgeball compilation right in the face Video - 46327041

Dodgeball FAILs

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Skee Ball Can Be Dangerous

ouch FAILS gifs kids - 7411329024
Created by Unknown
ouch bmx bike funny Video fail nation - 50380801

"Mind Holding on to My Bike for Me?"

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ouch whoops snow winter - 66517505

Job Well Done, Now Enjoy the Driveway You Just Cleared!

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cork headshot ouch Video - 35033345

Cork To The Face FAIL

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The Price of Early Celebration

ouch bikes karma fail nation g rated - 8141165568
Via MarkovManiac

It's Always the Fourth Flip That Gets You

ouch gifs gymnastics flip - 7062308096
Created by Unknown