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On-Air Blooper Awkward prank Video - 70982913

"FHRITP" is Over. This Reporter Blasts a Guy for His On-Air Prank.

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On-Air Blooper news phone Video - 65904129

Tom Brokaw's Phone Goes Off During Election Night Coverage, Handles it Like a Pro

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whoops Video On-Air Blooper - 61114113

If it Can Go Wrong, it Will Go Wrong on "Dancing With the Stars"

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One of Those Gases is Much More Deadly Than the Other

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Jeopardy game show Video On-Air Blooper g rated fail nation - 64849921

This Time, Alex Trebek is the One Who Messed Up on Jeopardy!

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On-Air Blooper news snow compilation Video fail nation - 68303617

The Snow is Falling, and So Are All These News Reporters

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On-Air Blooper bad idea Video fail nation - 60892673

When an Aussie Show Presenter Doesn't Know How Nail Guns Work, Things Can Go Very Wrong Very Fast

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A Local Fox Affiliate Learns to be Very Careful With Grammar and Punctuation

grammar news On-Air Blooper - 8204824064
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On-Air Blooper news Video - 71806721

Cicada News Bloopers Only Happen Once Every 17 Years

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news Video vine On-Air Blooper - 60075265

Relive the Magic Over and Over Again With This Reporter's FAIL

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Nobody Bothered to Clear That Name

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On-Air Blooper snow facepalm Video fail nation g rated - 67875329

A Reporter in Washington State Has No Idea How to Properly Use an Ice Scraper

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When the Computer Systems Fail, You Gotta Improvise the Weather

news weather On-Air Blooper fail nation g rated - 8397953280
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On-Air Blooper whoops Video - 60961793

F-Bombs on the Evening News Are Just the Best

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On-Air Blooper news compilation Video fail nation - 69046273

The Best of the Bloopers of February!

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On-Air Blooper dogs whoops sexy times Video fail nation - 68274433

Dogs Get a Little Frisky While Demonstrating "Doggy Yoga" on TV

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