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On-Air Blooper whoops compilation Video fail nation - 62960897

All the News Bloopers of July!

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On-Air Blooper whoops cnn compilation Video - 71568129

Here's a Collection of All the Best Bloopers CNN Has Made Throughout the Years

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A Local Fox Affiliate Learns to be Very Careful With Grammar and Punctuation

grammar news On-Air Blooper - 8204824064
Via SlowSlownews
On-Air Blooper sports whoops accidental sexy ronda rousey Video - 71404033

Shaq Forgets to Choose His Words Wisely When Talking About Ronda Rousey

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This Just In: He Needs New Underwear

On-Air Blooper sports gifs prank - 8350134016
Via poppzE
On-Air Blooper news Video - 71806721

Cicada News Bloopers Only Happen Once Every 17 Years

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That Old Outlaw John Wayne, at it Again

On-Air Blooper news whoops - 8397211648
Via LA Times
Probably bad News Music Video On-Air Blooper - 66328833

Musician Bob Geldof Gets Kicked Off of the News for Dropping the Dreaded "Bollocks" Word

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On-Air Blooper news Video - 70188545

A Most Literal, Perfect "Anchorman" Moment on Live TV

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On-Air Blooper whoops bbc Video fail nation - 64818433

Someone at the BBC in Scotland is Going to Get Axed

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On-Air Blooper news whoops Video - 69521153

Things Get Awkward When a Performer Takes a Grinder to Her Metal-Clad Nethers on Live Television

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One of Those Gases is Much More Deadly Than the Other

Via Apothum
On-Air Blooper photobomb news Video fail nation g rated - 68509697

This Reporter Knows How to Handle a Videobomber

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news Video On-Air Blooper - 58827521

BBC News Isn't a Huge Fan of Adding Commas to Their Teleprompter Scripts

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Jeopardy game show Video On-Air Blooper g rated fail nation - 64849921

This Time, Alex Trebek is the One Who Messed Up on Jeopardy!

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news Video On-Air Blooper fail nation - 64657665

Everyone's New Favorite Newsbombing Catchphrase Makes it to Aussie Television

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