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Thanks for the Free Bike!

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ouch whoops motorcycle crash Video - 68687617

If it Weren't for All the Falling, This Would be a Great First Attempt on a Motorcycle

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FAIL motorcycle Video - 79814401

Up, Up, and Back Down

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Got it... Got it... DON'T GOT IT

crash gifs motorcycle ouch g rated fail nation - 8329487104
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Those Wheels Aren't Just For Show!

airport cars driving motorcycle - 7023507968
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There's Gotta be an Easier Way to Get to the Airport

facepalm safety first driving motorcycle dangerous funny fail nation - 7869086976
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Cycling Attire FAIL

scuba motorcycle bike safety fail nation g rated - 6902019584
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FAIL bad idea swing motorcycle Video - 72343553

It's Always The Dismount That's Trickiest

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It Started Off so Cool...

whoops gifs motorcycle fail nation - 8278868992
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motorcycle classic Video - 74677249

Sounds Like This 2-Wheeler is Going to Need Two Tune Ups

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It's Always the Dismount That Gets You

ouch whoops gifs motorcycle crash - 8436632064
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Probably Bad News: Motorcycles are Exciting

fail nation motorcycle Probably bad News - 6180325376
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Defensive Driving FAIL

car fight gifs motorcycle - 6348716288
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Totally Nailed That Traffic Shortcut

ouch gifs shortcut motorcycle fail nation g rated - 8130057728
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Party Delivery FAIL

beer cars delivery driving motorcycle Party safety - 6599148288
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Delivering a Pizza FAIL

gifs motorcycle theft - 6519226880
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