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You Will Not Want to Commute by Motorcycle After Seeing This Footage

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Put it in Reverse, and These Bike Crashes Look Like Incredible Flights

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This End Up FAIL

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When Traffic Rules Do Not Apply, But Physics Still Do

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Moo Bitch, Get Out The Way

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Try Doing a Wheelie They Said...

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Showing Off For The Lady FAIL

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Way to Make All Motorcycle Drivers Look Like Jerks!

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Never, EVER Attempt a Front Brake Stop Like This Without a Helmet

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Up, Up, and Back Down

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Dead Man Cycling

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Where This Motorcycle Came From, Nobody Knows!

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Too Much Air on That One

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Wheels Up, Wheels Down, Wheels into the Ground

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Wheelie to Washout in 5 Seconds!

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When the Nap Attack Strikes...

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