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The Smelliest Time FAIL

acronym marketing poop - 5781909504
By jon s.

Marketing FAIL

accidental racism cereal life marketing racist - 6537846016
By Unknown

Probably Bad News: Maybe They Should Try 'Al Bundy'

marketing Probably bad News - 5562689792
By dag (Via

How Not to FAIL at Valentine's Day

Ad advice dating Hall of Fame marketing Valentines day - 5839006976
Via Criggo

Crumby Guitar FAIL

bad puns guitar marketing product fail - 5508012032
By cmorriskingston

Crackers on Sale FAIL

ha ha business marketing signs thats-racist - 5931961088
By Ryan

The Rotten Stench of FAIL

Death marketing product fail wtf - 5849222400
By Unknown

Probably Bad News: Save Some Money, Die Already

Death marketing Probably bad News wtf - 5784025088
Via Criggo

Titanic Life Jackets Are Down the Aisle

dogs pets marketing fail nation - 7968398080
By wsbcal

CLASSIC: He Has Multiple Obsessions

classic creepy innuendo marketing pedo - 5496473344
By Unknown

Store Slogan FAIL

buttsecks innuendo marketing slogan - 5504733440
By Unknown

Sports FAILure: Why Not Name A Baseball Team After A Serial Killer?

baseball Canada marketing sports - 5451861760

Invisible Arm FAIL

facebook marketing photoshop Walmart - 6545503232
By Unknown

Attracting Worshipers FAIL

church signs marketing religion signs - 5590275072
By Unknown
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Adoption Slogan Fail

animals Cats dogs marketing slogan - 5407405056
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