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Honest Salesmanship FAIL

abbreviation marketing Professional At Work - 5751113472
By gefnaut666

Marketing Scheme FAIL

marketing clever business genius - 6663141632
By Unknown

50 Cent Special FAIL

AMERRICA food guns marketing promotion wtf - 5435011328
Via Clearly Dope
twitter FAIL marketing - 695813

Plus Sized Clothing Company Lane Bryant Did a Twitter Chat And Surprise! It Was a Total Fail

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Brain-Frying Results FAIL

Ad creepy marketing wtf - 5848413696
By snafu4685

Probably Bad News: Maybe They Should Try 'Al Bundy'

marketing Probably bad News - 5562689792
By dag (Via

Crumby Guitar FAIL

bad puns guitar marketing product fail - 5508012032
By cmorriskingston

Invisible Arm FAIL

facebook marketing photoshop Walmart - 6545503232
By Unknown

Not Seeing The Irony FAIL

ha ha business irony marketing profesional at work - 5788469248
By Unknown

The Smelliest Time FAIL

acronym marketing poop - 5781909504
By jon s.

The Rotten Stench of FAIL

Death marketing product fail wtf - 5849222400
By Unknown

Prices To Die For FAIL

cemetery irony marketing Professional At Work - 5434917376
By AbeRod1986

Price Reduction FAIL

amazon marketing sale thats-racist - 5473324544
By Unknown

Marketing FAIL

engrish pepsi marketing soda coke can - 6734530816
By danielnerytondo

Creepy Marketing FAIL

marketing creepy weird - 6984072192
Via Reddit

May the Fruit Be With You

funny fail images twitter users rebel against star wars branded fruits
Via twitter
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