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The Place No One Would Expect!

ouch smuggling lady bits drugs Probably bad News - 6996996864
By G-Unit1111 (Via The Smoking Gun)

You're Kidding Me

lady bits men vs women newspaper - 8147751424
Via Bad Newspaper

Merry Go Round FAIL

accidental sexy elephant lady bits merry go round what - 6555595264
By Unknown
architecture funny lady bits Video - 56363521

Qatar's World Cup Soccer Stadium Looks Awfully Familiar...

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I Know an Entire Committee That Could Use These Services

Via Brown Cardigan

This Would be a High Crime in Some Countries

lady bits bad idea prank sexy times fail nation - 8333142016
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ouch lady bits compilation Video fail nation - 67222529

The Women of FAIL in 2014

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Fight Poison With Poison!

news lady bits irony snake fail nation - 7075515648
By Unknown

The Weather Forecaster Got Bored Again!

storm lady bits weather bewbs fail nation - 7047518720
By Unknown

Can't Find it? We'll Wait.

lady bits dude parts bathroom when you see it Wait For It - 7728048896
Via Reddit

Do You Think This Advertisement is Trying to Suggest Something?

Via sexyvinilaphreshness
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