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The Advertisement Says More Than We Ever Could

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Article Juxtaposition FAIL

article news dude parts juxtaposition - 6764214272
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They're Finally Advertising It FAIL

fast food juxtaposition McDonald's poop - 5563946496
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Wouldn't They Get Fur in Their Teeth?

accidental gross juxtaposition Cats - 8251356160
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They're Working on Flambé Right Away, I See

juxtaposition newspaper fail nation g rated - 8211447808
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It Just Got Real on This Broken Netflix Account

netflix juxtaposition - 8315003392
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Slow Ones Are The Tastiest FAIL

cannibalism fail nation g rated hunting juxtaposition signs - 5590286336
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Unfortunate Placement FAIL

whoops headline juxtaposition newspaper - 6837312768
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This Headline Couldn't Have Been Worse

dogs headline juxtaposition fail nation - 8122156800
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Heavy Flow FAIL

juxtaposition Professional At Work - 6006765824
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I Bet She Loves Her Parents FAIL

fail nation g rated juxtaposition names parenting - 5882342912
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Probably Bad News: What Was The Cause?

Death fail nation g rated homeless juxtaposition news Probably bad News wtf - 5709370624
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Probably Bad News: It's Not That Upsetting

facebook juxtaposition Probably bad News - 5434961664
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Staying in Shape FAIL

AMERRICA exercise fatty mc fat fat food juxtaposition - 5574107904
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Perfect Easter Dinner FAIL

drinking juxtaposition Professional At Work signs - 6071079168
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Live 'Til Death FAIL

juxtaposition too soon tv guide - 5580247040
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