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This Makes For a Way More Interesting Film

sign movie theater juxtaposition - 7130955008
Created by Unknown

The Family Movie of the Summer is Here

sign juxtaposition funny fail nation g rated - 7753969664
Created by eric

Those Poor Prisoners FAIL

ads apple juxtaposition Professional At Work - 6039339264
Created by Skippy J

Pre-Teen Favorite FAIL

fail nation g rated juxtaposition kids wtf - 5649225216
Created by devil_alien

Essentially a Food Product FAIL

juxtaposition - 5461214208
Created by Hadrianus

They're Finally Advertising It FAIL

fast food juxtaposition McDonald's poop - 5563946496
Via Reddit

Probably Bad News: This is Just Uncomfortable

juxtaposition Probably bad News wtf - 5971906816
Created by EntropyRules

Juxtaposition FAIL

innuendo juxtaposition Valentines day - 5810900480
Created by Cherie

You Don't Want to See This Double Feature

sign movie theater juxtaposition - 7039547904
Created by Unknown

Heavy Flow FAIL

juxtaposition Professional At Work - 6006765824
Created by Thunderpants76

This Florida Newspaper Has the Most Unfortunate Ad Placement in Recent Memory

Via Gawker

Probably Bad News: Well, There's Sign #1

juxtaposition Probably bad News - 5408430848
Created by Unknown

Ad Juxtaposition FAIL

Ad advertisement newspaper juxtaposition - 6717964544
Created by Unknown

Probably Bad News: Protect The Children!

fail nation g rated headline juxtaposition pedobear Probably bad News - 5689513216
Created by Betaforce

Wouldn't They Get Fur in Their Teeth?

accidental gross juxtaposition Cats - 8251356160
Via boostedjoose

Hitting Your Demographic FAIL

advertisement whoops accidental sexy juxtaposition - 7041997568
Created by Unknown
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