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US Primaries FAIL

juxtaposition politics - 5972996864
Created by abbeygrrl

Arch Enemies or Lovers FAIL

innuendo juxtaposition not for kids school - 5470438912
Created by Ella Ledbetter

Is That a Dare? FAIL

instructions juxtaposition warning - 5877596160
Created by Hannah1706

Abbreviation FAIL

abbreviation innuendo juxtaposition whoops - 5681921280
Created by Unknown

Poster Positioning FAIL

fail nation juxtaposition poster wtf - 5773644544
Created by Jorge

Those Socks Really Don't Match the Rest of the Outfit

newspaper juxtaposition socks - 8326313728
Via Bad Newspaper

Those Are My Top Three Words Describing Him!

sign advertisement juxtaposition funny - 7544907008
Created by Unknown

Ruthless Killer FAIL

creepy dogs juxtaposition news picture categoryimage - 6636314880
Created by Unknown

Christ's Sacred Body FAIL

glory hole innuendo juxtaposition religion signs - 5498762240
Created by Cliff

Probably Bad News: Wave Bye Bye!

Death juxtaposition Probably bad News - 5586266368
Created by Unknown

A Good Curry Will do That to You

butt stuff bathroom juxtaposition food - 8374862336
Via Mumpunch

Juxtaposition FAIL

innuendo juxtaposition Valentines day - 5810900480
Created by Cherie

It Just Got Real on This Broken Netflix Account

netflix juxtaposition - 8315003392
Via twhmike

Family Fun Movies FAIL

innuendo juxtaposition Professional At Work - 6030555392
Created by moving_target

I Bet She Loves Her Parents FAIL

fail nation g rated juxtaposition names parenting - 5882342912
Created by Unknown

Ad Sensitivity FAIL

Ad blind juxtaposition youtube - 5783678464
Created by Jef
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