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Abbreviation FAIL

abbreviation innuendo juxtaposition whoops - 5681921280
By Unknown

Meat On His Mind FAIL

innuendo juxtaposition p33n politics - 5854512384
By Unknown

Starting Them Off Young FAIL

fail nation juxtaposition not for kids parenting Professional At Work - 5517219584
By Clay Anderson

Hitting Your Demographic FAIL

advertisement whoops accidental sexy juxtaposition - 7041997568
By Unknown

At Least They're Warning You FAIL

amazon juxtaposition product fail - 5675610368
By BleepBloop

Those Poor Prisoners FAIL

ads apple juxtaposition Professional At Work - 6039339264
By Skippy J

This Burger Joint Has Unfortunate Neighbors

This Burger Joint Has Unfortunate Neighbors
Via WubbaLubbaDubDubs

Ruthless Killer FAIL

creepy dogs juxtaposition news picture categoryimage - 6636314880
By Unknown

Yearbook Letterhead FAIL

juxtaposition Professional At Work school swearing - 5711495168
By Unknown

Just How do They Get That Great Taste?

accidental gross juxtaposition sign fail nation - 7983612928
By bloomer324

Christ's Sacred Body FAIL

glory hole innuendo juxtaposition religion signs - 5498762240
By Cliff

Valentine's Gifts FAIL

juxtaposition Professional At Work Valentines day - 5838159360
By Garrett

Get Ready to Test Your Willpower

sign cupcakes juxtaposition funny - 7400258048
By tharman

It's My Birthday And I'll Fart If I Want To FAIL

birthday juxtaposition poop - 5459340288
By Steve

This Ad Placement Just Ruined Your Day

forever alone advertisement youtube juxtaposition - 7078136064
By Unknown

Something Tells Me That's More Than "Service"

news juxtaposition funny - 7921875456
Via Bad Newspaper
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