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Innuendo, if you know what I mean. Just make sure you get the gist of these before you enter, you might be in for a "surprise".

I Wonder What The Word Is FAIL

innuendo juxtaposition - 5863835392

Probably Bad News: The Other Team Broke From the Pressure

headline innuendo Probably bad News sports - 5887651840
Created by jerkface207

Itching For a VD Gift FAIL

innuendo signs Valentines day - 5836677888
Created by junk_hard

Creepy Bread Men FAIL

Ad food innuendo p33n wtf - 5524730880
Created by Unknown

The Exhibitions Sure Are Popular FAIL

innuendo Professional At Work signs - 6044711168

Probably Bad News: Bobbies and Johns

headline innuendo Probably bad News Professional At Work - 6062196736

Probably Bad News: To Catch A Pedobear

innuendo pedobear Probably bad News tax dollars at work - 5494408448
Created by relasaurus ( Via KOAT )

Doubles As Bedroom Advice FAIL

innuendo sticker placement - 5414876416

Finally, an Alternative to Abstinence-Only Education

innuendo headline accidental sexy - 6936634368
Via Criggo

Editorial FAIL

innuendo newspaper - 6442971648

No Hair In This Basement FAIL

innuendo Professional At Work signs - 5760731904

They Must Be Hard To Insert FAIL

fail nation Hall of Fame innuendo juxtaposition v4g - 5499211776
Created by Unknown

Font Choice FAIL

font innuendo signs - 5933892864
Created by frugstar

Searching For Easter Eggs FAIL

easter innuendo religion - 6078694912
Created by Unknown

Oddly Specific: My Girlfriend Uses the Same Excuse

innuendo oddly specific signs - 6093296640
Created by mondaysblue

Arm Photobomb FAIL

innuendo p33n photobomb wtf - 5675317504

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