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Innuendo, if you know what I mean. Just make sure you get the gist of these before you enter, you might be in for a "surprise".

This Product Finally Dropped FAIL

cereal innuendo pedobear product fail - 5457680384
Created by cvargo

Water Tower Color FAIL

innuendo p33n tax dollars at work - 5916129536
Created by bigrick1228

Hope You Don't Need Any Fillings FAIL

innuendo Professional At Work signs - 5664511744
Created by BloodMC

R Kelly's New Business Venture FAIL

business name innuendo urine - 6069335296
Created by nysteve77

Probably Bad News: They Had it Coming

headline innuendo Probably bad News - 5918087424
Created by Unknown

One Heel of a Good Time FAIL

fail nation g rated innuendo missing letter Professional At Work typo - 5644504832
Created by jsh5034

An Exclusive Company FAIL

innuendo Professional At Work store name - 5907698432
Created by MrBlueCN

Abbreviation FAIL

abbreviation innuendo juxtaposition whoops - 5681921280
Created by Unknown

Interesting Read FAIL

fail nation innuendo news p33n Professional At Work - 5526427392
Created by Unknown

Christ's Sacred Body FAIL

glory hole innuendo juxtaposition religion signs - 5498762240
Created by Cliff

Never Growing Up FAIL

fail boat innuendo - 6013331712
Via Clearly Dope

A Stimulating Visit FAIL

innuendo signs Travel - 5688591872
Created by Unknown

Billboard FAIL

billboard sign Cats innuendo if you know what i mean best of week Hall of Fame - 6663133952
Created by Unknown

Inspiring License Plate FAIL

cars innuendo license plate pedo - 5782663936
Created by Unknown

Word Suggestion FAIL

innuendo microsoft - 5681190656
Created by ricbates

Truck Positioning FAIL

cars innuendo wtf - 5679364864
Created by kellpossiblef
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