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Innuendo, if you know what I mean. Just make sure you get the gist of these before you enter, you might be in for a "surprise".

A Welsh Bus Company Just Wants You to Plow Those Buses for as Long as You Can

Via Arbroath

Editorial FAIL

innuendo newspaper - 6442971648
By Unknown

Stimulating Store WIN

innuendo accidental sexy sexy times name store fail nation - 6727759360
By Unknown

Reaching For a Mail Sack FAIL

innuendo juxtaposition sports - 5746990592
By stokebloke

At Least They're Not Asking for a Taste FAIL

christmas gross innuendo - 5585307392
By Unknown

Christmas Cawktus FAIL

christmas decoration innuendo p33n - 5588205824
By dessimation
news professional FAIL innuendo live tv Video - 84001793

Dam, They Walked Right into That Beaver Innuendo

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Acting Like a Certain Bear FAIL

elmo innuendo pedobear Professional At Work wtf - 6035182336
By Unknown

Favorite Place to Eat FAIL

innuendo missing letters signs - 5631749376
By Unknown

Probably Bad News: This Story Has a Happy Ending

headline innuendo Probably bad News - 5704474624
Via Herald Sun

Extra Meat FAIL

innuendo p33n Professional At Work signs typo - 5658239744
Via Red Suspenders

If You're Asking For It FAIL

ads creepy innuendo - 5411318528
By Unknown

But What's Their Backdoor Policy? FAIL

innuendo Professional At Work signs - 5806797568
By Unknown

Quality Ingredients FAIL

abbreviation butts innuendo Professional At Work - 5446270464
By lauredhel

Valentine's Idea FAIL

dating innuendo signs Valentines day - 5720440320
See all captions By Unknown

Stop By For A Hot One FAIL

innuendo missing letters Professional At Work v4g - 5469181440
By Andrew
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