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The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.

Good Thing My Head is Up There FAIL

directions fail nation Hall of Fame Professional At Work - 6035019264
Created by Homer
Hall of Fame best of week - 45176065

Exposed FAIL

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ouch right in the crotch nut shot Video Hall of Fame best of week - 44957441

Going, Going, Gonads! FAILs

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Time-Traveling Milk FAIL

milk store error best of week Hall of Fame - 6678531328
Created by Unknown

School Assignment FAIL

bathroom education fail nation g rated Hall of Fame kids parenting school urine - 5547003136
Created by JasonTehRedneck
escalators fail nation Hall of Fame Video wheelchair YT video - 39830273

Using the Escalator FAIL

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spiders whoops Kill It With Fire Video fail nation Hall of Fame best of week - 45190145

Arachnophobia FAIL

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Douchebag Parker, Meet Douchebag Note Writer

cars douchebag parker fail nation g rated Hall of Fame notes parking - 5537518848
Created by Unknown

Dogs 1: Humans 0 FAIL

dogs gifs Hall of Fame racing street - 6191988224
Via Reddit

Classy Car FAIL

Barbie cars classy Hall of Fame wtf - 5705771776
Created by Unknown
common sense fail nation Hall of Fame math is hard Video YT video - 35642113

Elementary School Math FAIL

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Freshly Squeezed FAIL

bewbs fail nation Hall of Fame missing letters orange juice - 5630060288
Created by alexander593

Sk8r Gurl FAIL

fail nation gifs Hall of Fame - 6104093952
Via NikNak's Blog

This is What Happens When You Pregame FAIL

football Hall of Fame sports typo - 5647038208
Created by Unknown

Engrish Avengers FAIL

engrish Movie DVD avengers Hall of Fame best of week - 6700139008
Created by Unknown

Slight Exaggeration FAIL

Hall of Fame innuendo p33n - 6048388096
Created by Unknown
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