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Christmas Came Early This Year!

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twitter FAIL gross food - 955141

You'll Never Trust a Well-Seasoned Chip Again After This Disgusting Pita Pit Story

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At Least You're Hiding Your Screen FAIL

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Does That French Roast Taste Clean to You?

coffee hand sanitizer whoops gross - 8134361344
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Eye-opening twitter thread about professor doing a class on fish fraud | Dr.Jen M @AwesomeBioTA Josue sequenced some red snapper put money on being tilapia and right. Someone owes 5. His lab partner, Juanni, sequenced Atlantic Salmon. Comes back as Rainbow trout. Unsurprising. Not same species AT ALL, but unsurprising.

Twitter Thread Exposing Fish Fraud Is Both Eye-Opening & Revolting

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Probably Bad News: Code Brown

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Well, Swimming Sounded Like a Good Idea Before...

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Can't Beat Your Opponent the Old Fashioned Way? Fart in His Face!

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Fried Chicken FAIL

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Probably Bad News of the Day: Once Bitten, a Thousand Times Stung

ouch news gross bees Probably bad News genius why - 7466288384
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Fair Warning FAIL

gross irony seagulls warning - 6632992512
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mud whoops gross Video fail nation - 59471873

Classic: Just Make it Across the Mud!

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Probably Bad News: The Jerky Boys Are At It Again

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This is KFC's Newest Monstrosity, a Chicken-Wrapped Hot Dog

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Sounds So Much Worse FAIL

fail nation g rated gross juxtaposition Professional At Work - 5528906752
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Anything But Grammie!

engrish gross food - 7384538368
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