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Just Like Mom Used to Make!

gross no thanks food fail nation - 8362379008
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What a Trendy Pic

Awkward bathroom best of week gross photobomb wtf - 5968928512
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Do You Love Thanksgiving and Want to Work on it All Year 'Round? Really, REALLY Love it?

jobs gross classifieds funny newspaper - 7924309504
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Messy Sale FAIL

advertisement news innuendo gross accidental sexy if you know what i mean - 6739826432
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"Take THAT, Affordable Prices!"

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Does That French Roast Taste Clean to You?

coffee hand sanitizer whoops gross - 8134361344
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Jerry-Curl Disaster

gross couch oh god why - 6901568768
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Crossword FAIL

gross sauce fail nation - 6792894720
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The Aisle Nobody Wants to Use

whoops gross butts funny fail nation - 7916606208
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I Am 12 and This is Funny: Don't Think, Just Witness Talc Farts

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Protest of the Day: Students in Chicago are Boycotting Their Terrible School Lunches

school lunch boycott Students in Chicago are Boycotting Their Terrible School Lunches
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A California Bank Robbery Suspect Was "Told by the Virgin Mary" to Eat His Own Poop on the Witness Stand


Probably Bad News: I Hope This Doesn't Happen Monthly

gross Probably bad News wtf - 5718992384
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gross cringe Video - 75508481

Don't Watch This Zit Popping Video if You Have a Weak Stomach

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mud whoops gross Video fail nation - 59471873

Classic: Just Make it Across the Mud!

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Take The Entire 43 Sandwich Menu at McDonald's and Stack Them Up, You'll Get the "Everything Burger."

gross oh god why food funny - 7806770176
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