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Finding Balance in Nature Can Be Difficult

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First Dance FAIL

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Poise Walk FAIL

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The Moment You Realize Your Argument Is Weak

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Sports FAILure: See, You Have To Let GO Of The Ball

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Wording FAIL

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CLASSIC: Getting Pumped Up FAIL

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Handshake FAIL

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Guy Perfectly Demonstrates the Perils of Drunk Table Dancing When Winter Wonderland Gets Too Lit

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Watch This Guy Take Falling For a Girl to New Heights When He Eats Ground, Shattering His Arm In Process

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FAILing Your Audition

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Parkour FAIL

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Parade Rain of the Day: Usain Bolt Gets Struck by a Segway Minutes After Winning a World Championship

A Segway Defeats Usain Bolt Minutes After He Wins Another World Champtionship
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Romantic Gesture FAIL

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Prior Planning FAIL

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Wrong Kind of Dead Ringer

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