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Prior Planning FAIL

escalator fall - 6320499712
By Unknown

Fail of the Day: A Taiwainese 12-Year-Old Broke His Fall with a $1.5 Million Painting

A kid fell on a $1.5 million painting in Taiwan.
Via The Telegraph

Baseball FAIL

baseball bat boy fall - 6310368512
By Unknown

Probably Bad News: I Think We Can Teach Them a Thing Or Two

fall headline Probably bad News typo - 5468172800

CLASSIC: Getting Pumped Up FAIL

bathroom fall gifs ouch trip - 6596967936
By Unknown

Robot X-mas FAIL

FAIL gifs robots fall - 6901546496
By Unknown
cars driving motorcycle bike Video fall - 45365249

Watch the Curb FAIL

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Dance Dance FAIL

fall gifs - 6355529216
By Unknown

Giants Fan FAIL

ouch gifs san francisco fall - 6742497792
By Unknown

Human Catapult FAIL

ouch FAIL gifs fall - 6878262016
By TSGIGOR (Via Watch the Video Here!)

Paper Boy Fail

Via cla55icalliberal

Sports FAILure: Kickboxer Devoured By Ravenous Ring

boxing fall sports - 5452548096
By Unknown
drunk fall Video - 41939713

Graceful Exit FAIL

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Poise Walk FAIL

gifs fall whoops mirror - 6663142400
By Unknown

Wording FAIL

sign wording irony fall balcony - 6653725696
Via Reddit
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