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Wording FAIL

sign wording irony fall balcony - 6653725696
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Perks of The Family Business

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whoops Video rain flood fall - 45463297

Road Crossing FAIL

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Mud Mask Treatment FAIL

bike faceplant fall mud woman - 6320950528
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Dance Party FAIL

fall kids my first fail ouch - 5671581440
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Dance Dance FAIL

fall gifs - 6355529216
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christmas dancing FAIL drunk Video holidays fall - 176646

Guy Perfectly Demonstrates the Perils of Drunk Table Dancing When Winter Wonderland Gets Too Lit

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Remember to Pull to Cord!

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Wrong Kind of Dead Ringer

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A FAIL In Progress

cake fall whoops - 7303665664
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Following Her Lead FAIL

double fail fall gifs ouch slip - 6078774272
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Fail of the Day: A Taiwainese 12-Year-Old Broke His Fall with a $1.5 Million Painting

A kid fell on a $1.5 million painting in Taiwan.
Via The Telegraph

Romantic Gesture FAIL

animated Beef bike fall gifs motorcycle - 6583025920
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Parade Rain of the Day: Usain Bolt Gets Struck by a Segway Minutes After Winning a World Championship

A Segway Defeats Usain Bolt Minutes After He Wins Another World Champtionship
Via USA Today

Poise Walk FAIL

gifs fall whoops mirror - 6663142400
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fall kids parenting Video - 36480513

FAIL Nation: Watch Where You Put Your Toys FAIL

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