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youre-doing-it-wrong facepalm Video vacuum - 69681409

Something About This Vacuuming Technique Seems a Little Off...

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Using Your Lifeline FAIL

game show who wants to be a millionaire facepalm - 6994941440
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Then Why Did You Put it in the Bathroom, Genius?

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Professor X Hoverchairs Only, Please

facepalm stairs disabled fail nation g rated - 8408757760
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news facepalm what Probably bad News white people fail nation - 69313793

A Garbage Disposal Worker in Atlanta is Getting Jail for 30 Days for Showing Up EARLY to Work

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dancing facepalm Video - 62086913

This Public Service Worker Was Fired for Dancing on the Job, Because There's No Justice in the World

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Didn't Think That One Through, Did You?

whoops bad idea gifs facepalm g rated fail nation - 8350128640
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But Like, Think of How BLACK it is. Really.

art facepalm - 8017510912
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Clearly the Work of a Criminal Genius

genius facepalm design security - 8259794176
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genius facepalm funny politics fail nation - 56363009

This Idiotic Public Forum Proposal is Straight Out of TV Comedy

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game show facepalm family feud Video fail nation - 64320769

Somehow This is the Worst Final Round in Family Feud History

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baseball facepalm Video sports - 62841089

Ryan Raburn Makes an Impossibly Bad Throw

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"Quick, How Can We Connect This Crime to Video Games?"

news facepalm fail nation - 8433337344
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That Moment You Check Social Media and Realize How Much Stupid is There

funny fail tweets Winslow's seen enough meme
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CNN: The ISIS of Decent Reporting

cable facepalm isis news - 8340079616
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The Vandals Don't Even Have Proper Spelling These Days

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