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Try to Find Everything Weird and Wrong About This Screencap From Miss America 2014

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Using Your Lifeline FAIL

game show who wants to be a millionaire facepalm - 6994941440
By Unknown

How Many Times Did She Make This Mistake?

whoops facepalm cars funny fail nation g rated - 7864076800
By Unknown
censorship news facepalm Video - 71052033

Censorship of the Day: Fox News in New York Blurs Out b00bs on Picasso Piece

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Funny and cringey pics of times people failed at their one job

Eighteen Times People Failed Miserably At Their One Job

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The Vandals Don't Even Have Proper Spelling These Days

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On-Air Blooper snow facepalm Video fail nation g rated - 67875329

A Reporter in Washington State Has No Idea How to Properly Use an Ice Scraper

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Just Cover That Bit With Some Foundation

facepalm tattoos irony - 8386417664
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Criminally Dumb Criminal facepalm Video - 71433729

The Key to Any Good Theft is Subtlety. And Being Really, Really Obvious.

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stephen colbert vine facepalm celeb - 63886081

Last Night's Emmy Awards Gave Stephen Colbert Yet Another New Name

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Maybe This One Should Just Stay Out of the Gene Pool

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Do Any of You Have the Most?

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Try to Fathom the Thought Process of This Drunk Driver. Just Try.

news drunk facepalm driving Probably bad News fail nation g rated - 8093405440
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rage facepalm america Walmart Video - 71713025

This Walmart Fight Video is Peak 'Murica

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A Local News Station Reports the Names of Asiana's Pilots... and Everyone Facepalms

news facepalm Probably bad News funny fail nation - 7655509504
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Ever Wonder Why Service is so Slow?

cable job facepalm nap g rated fail nation - 8015832576
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