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Can't Wait to Celebrate Carnivale in Hong Kong This Year!

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didn't age well, aged like milk, cringe, hindsight, hitler, climate change, spongebob squarepands, bitcoin, technology, twitter, memes, facepalm, fail | Let this magic mineral, ASBESTOS buildings protect on farm! JOHRS HANVILLE Asbestos magic mineral Middle Ages. Today, still magic mineral; fireproof, rot-proof, and practically indestructible. combined with portland cement is manufactured into products which are especially important on farm,because they provide permanent protection against fire

17 Past Proclamations That Aged Like Milk

Hindsight is 20/20
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The Class of Facepalm

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Hypocrisy: It's All in the Headline

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That is Braille on a Government Website. Think About That for a Minute.

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Sometimes You Get Exactly What You Ask for

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It's the Americane Waye!

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Carts Are for Quitters, Winners Take a Bunch of Baskets

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This Idiotic Public Forum Proposal is Straight Out of TV Comedy

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If You Wondered if the Emmy's Were Still Relevant, Here's Something to Give You Pause

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There's Gotta be an Easier Way to Get to the Airport

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Presenting: Americans Who Don't Know Who Joe Biden is

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Carly Rae Jepsen Throws the Worst First Pitch in a Baseball Game to Date

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Teaching Kids the Importance of Exploring in Toxic Waste

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It's Great if You Only Want to See a Little Bit of a Person

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The Educated Are Really Not Going to Like This Advertisement for Education

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