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Caught on Camera: A Vicious, Terrible Awful... Manatee "Attack"

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James Inhofe of Oklahoma Attempts a Bulletproof Takedown of Global Warming... With a Snowball

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Reports Indicate They Were Fatally Fated

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And Here I Thought Those Were Just Legumes!

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Judge Didn't Even Need to Look at the Pixels to Tell That Was a Fake Document

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Welcom Bcak, Kids!

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Target's Photoshop Disaster Accidentally Makes Crotchless Swimwear, for "Juniors"

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Why, Why Would You Do This?

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This Idiotic Public Forum Proposal is Straight Out of TV Comedy

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This is the Most Hilariously Inept Series of Rowing Accidents You Will Ever See

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"Sour Cream on the Side, Please"

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Too Bad There Isn't an Online Media Platform You Can Use to Share Information...

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This Public Service Worker Was Fired for Dancing on the Job, Because There's No Justice in the World

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A Fun Way to Find Out Who to Unfriend on Facebook

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Criminally Dumb Criminal facepalm Video - 71433729

The Key to Any Good Theft is Subtlety. And Being Really, Really Obvious.

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Censorship of the Day: Fox News in New York Blurs Out b00bs on Picasso Piece

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