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Laziness FAIL

driving shopping cart suv - 6436818432
By Unknown
FAIL driving truck Video - 79491073

Oh Hey Semi, You've Got a Little Something Stuck on Your Bumper

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On the road to Obvious City FAIL

cars driving signs - 5823596800
By morganskye

Band Practice FAIL

band cars driving practice saxophone - 6568897024
By Unknown

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

moped driving special delivery dangerous funny - 7652137728
By Unknown

You're Supposed to Line it Up and Park Like That, Right?

douchebag parkers cars driving parking - 6936238848
By fordps3
FAIL driving Video parking - 75422977

This Pedestrian Wants to Protect a Parking Spot Against a Car, Because... ?

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FAIL birds cars driving dash cam Video - 75243777

Why Did the Pigeon Cross the Road? To Cause a Three-Car Pile Up

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Left Tuners Unavailable

sign driving spelling funny - 7592309248
By Unknown

This Ladder Isn't Going to Last

ladder cars driving dangerous - 7246333952
By Unknown

Dropped Something FAIL

cars driving glass window - 6852415232
By Unknown

The Leaning Tree Will Not Be Ignored!

Via Inflammation

Maybe if This Driver's Sight Was a Little Better...

cars driving crash irony fail nation g rated - 7093899008
Via Metro

Compressing Your Car FAIL

accident bmw cars crush driving whoops - 6550560256
By Unknown
FAIL ferrari driving Video parking - 81900289

Parallel Parking is So Much Harder When You Have No Idea How Badly You're F*cking it Up

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Don't Make This Harder than It Needs to Be

cars driving facebook - 8792812544
Via komaetose