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This Can't End Well FAIL

cars driving Hall of Fame tax dollars at work wtf - 6008404736
By Unknown
donuts FAIL highway driving trucks traffic - 73790721

The Perfect Time to Do Donuts on the Highway is During Rush Hour

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Growing Up

Via bromygod

Do You Think They Used the Parking Break?

FAIL cars driving parking - 8564291072
By adolphhipster

The Parking Mechanisms on Segways are Terrible

gif driving segway funny fail nation g rated - 7749495296
By Unknown

Accommodating Your Low-Rider FAIL

cars car driving - 6676107776
By Unknown
douche FAIL driving Video - 80523265

A Mercedes-Driving Douche Intentionally Blocks an Ambulance

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Now You Know Where Our Office Is

cars driving signs - 5808321536
By Swilson

Remodeling FAIL

cars crash driving - 6594256896
By Unknown

Secret Menu Item FAIL

baby drive thru driving parenting - 6592590848
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cars driving crash bridge fail nation Video - 43848705

Testing the Invincible Bridge FAIL

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We Sure Do Appreciate It!

car accidents car crash driving - 8336235776

Towing FAIL

car towing cars driving DIY - 6718809344
By Unknown
crashed FAIL driving motorcycle - 79814145

Just a Bit of a Nose Dive

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Vehicle Choice FAIL

merica cars driving irony - 6796653568
By Unknown
cars driving dangerous funny Video - 55207937

The Open Hood is a New Feature on Some Luxury Cars

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