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Washing the Car FAIL

car car wash derp convertible mistake - 6701389312
By Roger
russia so close robots Video derp - 68154113

Russia is Rolling Out New Robotic Bike Riders. Let's See How Well Those Turn Out.

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You're Up to Something Shifty, Phalanges

sports football derp - 7401204480
Via Tastefully Offensive
facepalm funny Video derp - 51424769

Miss Utah Solves All of the World's Problems in This Video

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Birthday Card FAIL

derp disney fail nation g rated - 7014774784
By Unknown

Herp In The Derp!

cars derp jeep - 5766767360
By herpette
derp Sochi 2014 - 197125

The Graceful, Beautiful Faces of Figure Skating

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Commuter Nap FAIL

nap passed out public transit derp - 6992038144
By Unknown

Graphic Design FAIL

design derp - 7380739584
By Unknown

Run in the Opposite Direction of These 1D Socks

Via The Sourpuss

Congrats On Your Snowderp

Close Enough winter derp snowman - 6941600000
By Unknown


Lord of the Rings bus derp - 6992314880
By Unknown

Aberdeen, Washington Erected a Kurt Cobain Statue to Celebrate the Fallen Celebrity, and Now We're ALL Crying for the Wrong Reasons

statue derp - 8076307968
By Unknown

The Before Picture (Finally)


These Aren't the Clone Faces They Were Going For

funny fail image star wars clone trooper socks faces
Via AC5L4T3R

Tiny Arms FAIL

toilet design derp - 6636546816
By Unknown
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