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Parking Derp FAIL

car derp parking whoops - 6556445184
Created by voodooperson

Playing Catch FAIL

dogs catch frisbee derp - 6994529280
Via Sofa Pizza
russia so close robots Video derp - 68154113

Russia is Rolling Out New Robotic Bike Riders. Let's See How Well Those Turn Out.

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derp Sochi 2014 - 197125

The Graceful, Beautiful Faces of Figure Skating

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Not THAT Thirsty FAIL

derp gifs hockey sports - 5845192192
Created by Unknown

A Majestic Rider for a Majestic Beast

horses derp - 8211463936
Via Acid Cow

Gotta Derp Fast!

ice cream funny derp sonic - 7637992448
Created by Unknown
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