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Taking The Joke Too Far FAIL

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Never Ask Where the Meat Comes From

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Frozen Treat of the Damned FAIL

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Truck drivers share some of their creepiest experiences from time out on the road | I had driven maybe 30 miles out into the farm land when hail started bouncing off my truck, being a MS native I knew in July hail meant tornado. I pull off to the side (I'm in the middle of no where no lights to be seen no cars behind or infront of me) and start looking for the storm/ tornado I believe is approaching. I rolled the passenger window down and shined a bright flashlight off into the night. Nothing

Truck Drivers' Spookiest Experiences

Best to read with the lights on.
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close calls and times people dodged a bullet

The Largest Bullets People Dodged

Life is a series of close calls.
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One More Creep

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Probably Bad News: Sock Hop Attire

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gross creepy butts parenting gangnam style Video - 83294977

Why Record Your Own Kid at Their Dance Recital When You Could Just Record Their Teacher's Butt Shaking?

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stories of the paranormal that just can't be explained otherwise

21 People Share The Creepiest And Most Paranormal Things To Happen To Them

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Private Research FAIL

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A creepy Tumblr post about a house guest discovering a hidden staircase | stephrc79 So l'm staying at friend's house Boston And their guest room is door. There are STAIRS closet! Now where do those stairs go may ask?

Tumblr Post: House Guest Discovers Secret Staircase

Good old Boston architecture.
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warning signs that are very scary | KEEP CLEAR UNEXPLODED BOMB | don't be here after dark

Creepy Signs That Make Their Message Clear

Thanks, signs.
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Accidental Creepy FAIL

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pictures of jewelry made out of Barbie body parts

Artist Creates Creepy AF Jewelry Out Of Barbie Doll Parts

Serial killer or beautiful?
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christmas creepy prank Video snowman fail nation - 67410177

The Scary Snowman is Back to Terrorize Christmas

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The New Orleans Pelicans Aren't Done With Creepy Mascots, as King Cake Baby is Here to Prove

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