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21 People Share The Creepiest And Most Paranormal Things To Happen To Them

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The Olympics Are Over, so Let's Have One Last Look at Those Creepy Russian Mascots

creepy olympics Sochi 2014 - 8080933632
Via Entertainment Weekly

Photoshop Sandwich FAIL

advertisement creepy photoshop sandwich - 6566540800
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gross creepy butts parenting gangnam style Video - 83294977

Why Record Your Own Kid at Their Dance Recital When You Could Just Record Their Teacher's Butt Shaking?

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Happy Easter! Get Scared!

Photograph - 159
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Special Delivery FAIL

cars creepy delivery suspicious - 6581095424
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Body Mod of the Day: Guy Cuts Off Nose to Look Like Red Skull

Via Daily Mail

Season's Greetings, Chump!

christmas creepy fire santa holidays - 6891120384
Created by Unknown

What Could Go Wrong? FAIL

bunnies creepy free stuff seems legit sketchy - 6581437696
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Accidental Creepy FAIL

ride creepy amusement park - 7093901568
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Taking The Joke Too Far FAIL

cars creepy fail nation pedobear - 6045012224
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A Little Too Much Spot Healing FAIL

creepy photoshop Professional At Work - 5843537664
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warning signs that are very scary | KEEP CLEAR UNEXPLODED BOMB | don't be here after dark

Creepy Signs That Make Their Message Clear

Thanks, signs.
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Russian Christmas is WAY Scarier Than Halloween

christmas creepy santa sketchy santas accidental creepy - 8369506304
Via daaaamngirl88

The Last Person You Want in Your Blind Spot

creepy cars driving - 8014011392
Via Reddit