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Nice Catch, Palm Tree!

ouch bad idea gifs crash bike - 8443917824
By beernbiccies
crash faceplant motorcycle Video - 39486721

Motorcycle FAIL

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ouch bicycle cars crash bike Video - 71599361

That Parked Car Really Came Out of Nowhere

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bicycle cars crash Video wtf - 34199809

Sharing The Road FAIL

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Waiting For The Irony Police FAIL

cars crash irony truck - 5540938496
By CW-Six

Your Wiener is Just too Big to Fit in Here

garage cars crash funny fail nation g rated - 7581307136
By ChrisChagares
crash skiing Video winter - 33708545

Epic Air FAIL

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You Pay Less for Taking Up Less Space, Yeah?

cars crash parking - 8244191488
Via Viral Nova
bicycle crash Video - 34692353

Dirt Biking FAIL

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FAIL Crane Meets a Friend

cars crash fail crane - 5956416768
By Dominic

Parking FAIL

car car accident crash - 6161212672
Via Bits & Pieces
cars crash irony Video karma - 60896001

For This Road Rager, It's Instant Karma

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Billboard Crash FAIL

sign billboard crash - 6897645312
By Unknown

It's Always the Dismount That Gets You

ouch whoops gifs motorcycle crash - 8436632064
Via Brown Cardigan
cars crash Video - 70799105

Appropriate Reaction to a Dangerous Wreck? Just Walk Away.

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Coming In For A Landing FAIL

cars crash landing plane - 5451598848
By Casperma
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