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Weight Limit FAIL

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Never Have You Been More Right

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Messing With an SUV FAIL

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FAILchopper Tries to Land

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It's First, Right?

cars crash irony safety - 8259773952
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For This Road Rager, It's Instant Karma

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Ghost Riding the Whip FAIL

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Cannot Retrieve Soda, Please Restart and Try Again

computers vending machine crash funny - 7559706112
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Just Another Commute in Boston This Winter

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I Believe I Can FAIL

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Paper Boy Fail

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"You're in My Spot" FAIL

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Shopping for a New Car FAIL

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Señor Gif: Log Truck FAIL

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Created by _C_A_T_

Never Piss Off the Truck Driver

gifs cars crash - 8299114752
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