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Close Enough, Right?

FAIL construction - 8606181888
By Snake73
physics chainsaw bad idea construction Video - 68246017

Looney Tunes Logic at Work, Right Here

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Just a Little More to the Left...

gifs construction dangerous demolition - 8085524480
By Unknown

Oops, Hello Neighbor!

Via FowelBallz

Do We Have a Pothole-Filling Truck Anti-Pothole Excavation Unit?

whoops construction irony - 8213768704
Via Bits and Pieces

Safety First!

FAIL construction classic there I fixed it - 8761294336
By retrodave15

Genitals, Cajun-Style

construction funny right in the crotch - 7908555520
By Unknown

Reach for the Stars, Little Excavator

construction snapchat - 8158804480
Via Acid Cow

At Least You Won't Have to Worry About Anything Coming Out of This Vent

funny fail image vent in shower fail
Via eddygoombah

Construction FAIL

cement construction - 6133363200
By Unknown
physics whoops construction Video fail nation - 65152257

Clearly This Contractor is Unfamiliar With "Looney Tunes" Physics

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This In-Wall Heater Needs Some Room to Work

FAIL construction classic - 8793262080
By Snake73

Safety Schmafety!

construction safety dangerous - 7174104576
Via Reddit
FAIL helmet construction facebook Video - 179463

Hat Tricks Don't Usually End With Such a Headache

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The Hard Hat and Tool Belt Says He's a Professional

bad idea construction dangerous - 8381568768
By beernbiccies

No, the Hats Are Supposed to PREVENT Injury

ouch gifs construction irony fail nation g rated - 8313197056
Via antici_______pation
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