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FAIL helmet construction facebook Video - 179463

Hat Tricks Don't Usually End With Such a Headache

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FAIL construction door Video steps - 82799105

The Installation of These Quality Sliding Doors Just Missed a Step (or Two)

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funny "not my job" fails

"Not My Job" Moments Of Dubious Professionalism

Good enough, time for lunch.
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Oops, Hello Neighbor!

Via FowelBallz
facepalm construction Video - 62021121

When Real-Life Mario Gets Stuck in a Tube, Things Are Way Less Entertaining

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Welcome to Hogwards

FAIL stairs construction classic - 8606472960
By Snake73

Sleeping On The Job FAIL

construction crane crash nap - 6545859072
By Unknown

Forget About Safety!

construction safety dangerous - 6975862784
By Unknown

Warehouse Safety FAIL

construction gifs Professional At Work safety - 5701436416
By Unknown

Safety First!

FAIL construction classic there I fixed it - 8761294336
By retrodave15
physics whoops construction Video fail nation - 65152257

Clearly This Contractor is Unfamiliar With "Looney Tunes" Physics

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Close Enough, Right?

FAIL construction - 8606181888
By Snake73

Fresh Concrete FAIL

construction concrete cars police - 6765058304
Via Reddit
physics chainsaw bad idea construction Video - 68246017

Looney Tunes Logic at Work, Right Here

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Underachievers, Literally

FAIL construction classic - 8606182144
By Snake73

No, the Hats Are Supposed to PREVENT Injury

ouch gifs construction irony fail nation g rated - 8313197056
Via antici_______pation
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