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It's under construction careful of falling memes and jokes. Keep your eyes peeled and laugh at everything and anything industrial.

funny unproffessional "you had one job" moments | car wheel with the screws inserted in the wrong placements | water pooling around a street gutter that is too high up to drain it

"You Had One Job" Moments of Occupational Incompetence

Yeah, good enough.
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Just a Little More to the Left...

gifs construction dangerous demolition - 8085524480
Created by Unknown

Time to Consult a Professional FAIL

construction dude parts innuendo - 6597312768
Created by Unknown
funny "not my job" fails

"Not My Job" Moments Of Dubious Professionalism

Good enough, time for lunch.
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Ducks Just Don't Give a Duck About Your Construction

animals duck cement construction - 8177656576
Via Arbroath

Safety Schmafety!

construction safety dangerous - 7174104576
Via Reddit

Giant Delivery FAIL

construction mail Professional At Work upside down usps - 5504360704
Created by nessnot

This is Not a Push or Pull Option, Is It?

door FAIL construction concrete - 8757184000
Created by Unknown

Almost Landed It

Via 1InvictuS1

Zero Accessible F**ks Given

FAIL construction classic - 8970182656
See all captions Created by imaguid
FAIL helmet construction facebook Video - 179463

Hat Tricks Don't Usually End With Such a Headache

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It Was an Easy Breezy Window Installation

FAIL construction windows - 8748792320
Created by Snake73

Let's Hope You Don't Have Any Privacy Issues

FAIL construction shower toilet - 8814567680
Via rossmiers87

Thanks For the Help, Duck

duck work construction fail nation g rated - 6953214208
Created by Unknown

At Least You Won't Have to Worry About Anything Coming Out of This Vent

funny fail image vent in shower fail
Via eddygoombah

Look Before You Pour FAIL

whoops work construction - 6867433728
Created by Unknown
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