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It's a Total Guarantee, Unless it Isn't a Guarantee

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"It's Fine, No One Will See the Ad From Behind!"

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Time to Seek a Medical Professional

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This is the Creepiest Way to Convince Someone to Go on Vacation

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Hot Dog! They Have My Favorite Shade!

funny fail image nail polish name
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No Pants Can Contain This Tool

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That's Just too Good to Pass Up

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The Church of the Blade, Open for Business!

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This Shower Finally Cured My Scoliosis!

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Just Some Bros Hanging Out FAIL

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The Bending is a Feature, Not a Flaw

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What Better Endorsement Than Mother?

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That Holiday Celebrating Saint Patricia, Clearly

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That Looks Like a Lot of Things, and Chicken is Not One of Them

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Before and After FAIL

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