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There Must be a Better Way

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That Vending Machine isn't Going to Pay Itself!

advertisement broke money g rated fail nation - 8244267776
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Way Better Than Serving Papers

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Ad Placement FAIL

advertisement whoops accidental sexy placement - 6941291520
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That Spaghetti is so Brave

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The Church of the Blade, Open for Business!

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ads of a dystopian future as wake up call in China

Advertisement of the Day: This Subway Ad Looks Like Something Out of Mad Max

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If Only We Could be Making This Up

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"Yeah, Let's Make Sure We Have Some Really Phallic Bread Here"

advertisement accidental sexy funny trucks - 7777312768
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Isn't That a Jeep Model?

advertisement accidental sexy cars driving - 6941327616
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Billboard FAIL

advertisement billboard crash bsod fail nation g rated - 6852125696
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Why Not Just Photoshop the Model Out Entirely?

advertisement facepalm model photoshop - 8277377024
Created by Unknown

No Pants Can Contain This Tool

advertisement accidental sexy pants newspaper - 6975373056
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Don't Touch This Newspaper Ad, It's a White-Hot Burn

advertisement burn dating newspaper relationships fail nation - 8092086528
Created by Unknown

You Have to be REALLY Dedicated

advertisement job work - 8420423936
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Well, That's Kind of How She Earned That Title, I Think

advertisement accidental sexy newspaper funny - 7433219328
Created by Unknown
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