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"It's Fine, No One Will See the Ad From Behind!"

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You Had ONE Thing to Advertise

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A Great Deal For Dad to See "Other Mommy"

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No Girls Allowed FAIL

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That Spaghetti is so Brave

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The Church of the Blade, Open for Business!

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Those Are My Top Three Words Describing Him!

sign advertisement juxtaposition funny - 7544907008
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Brilliant Engineering FAIL

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PetVac Position FAIL

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We All Know What She's Ready For

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This Ad Placement Just Ruined Your Day

forever alone advertisement youtube juxtaposition - 7078136064
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Ad Placement FAIL

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Ad Placement FAIL

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What is This, an Ad for Mutants?

advertisement fashion billboard - 7267837952
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Probably the Last Place You Want to See an Ad Like This

advertisement juxtaposition Probably bad News whoops - 8336361472
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Hot Dog! They Have My Favorite Shade!

funny fail image nail polish name
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