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Hitting Your Demographic FAIL

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British Airways Chose the Worst Time for This Ad

airplane advertisement whoops fail nation - 8124562688
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That's One Combo Meal That Will Weigh You Down For a Long Time

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A Great Deal For Dad to See "Other Mommy"

advertisement exactly what it looks like sexy times not what it looks like - 7027420160
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Hams of Ill Repute

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Photoshop Sandwich FAIL

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Those Are My Top Three Words Describing Him!

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No Pants Can Contain This Tool

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I'm Not Sure anyone at Reuters Really Understands Venn Diagrams

funny fail image venn diagram is wrong
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Isn't That a Jeep Model?

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Hot Dog! They Have My Favorite Shade!

funny fail image nail polish name
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You Have to be REALLY Dedicated

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ads of a dystopian future as wake up call in China

Advertisement of the Day: This Subway Ad Looks Like Something Out of Mad Max

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Manly Fashion FAIL

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... She Said?

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What Better Endorsement Than Mother?

sign advertisement Awkward mothers day - 7443398400
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